WINTER JOY – Hung Yi Solo Exhibition 冬喜─洪易個展


Hung Yi Solo Exhibition

17.10.2020 – 21.02.2021

“Art does not need language: It is symbols, it is colour, it is feeling”
– Hung Yi 

Artspace K’s opening exhibition “Winter Joy” features the works of one of the most well-known contemporary artists in Taiwan–Hung Yi and his “Animal” series. Embedded in the shape, totem and colours of his works are the spirit of tradition, symbols, allusion and flowers, culminating into a burst of energy and vibrancy. Each piece is beautifully crafted in hand-painted welded and forged steel. Hung Yi’s creations, though originally inspired by animals, magically undergo his surreal interpretation, bringing an unexpected surprise of joy. 

Exhibition Installation

Artspace K Grand Opening and Exhibition Preview

Hung Yi’s Message

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