Old Business – Blowing Sugar Performance 老行業–吹糖表演

REMEMBER THEM? Old Businesses in Hong Kong through Eyes of Artists
Exhibition and Event Series


13 Jun 2021 (Sun)

2:00 – 5:00 PM

Venue: Artspace K, G105 – 106, The Repulse Bay Arcade, 109 Repulse Bay Road, Hong Kong

Performers: Sit Kim Ping Anne 薛錦屏, Lau Kar Mun Charmaine 劉家敏, Yu Wing Kei Rik 余榮基

No Registration Required. Free of Charge

Classified as a Hong Kong intangible cultural heritage, the history of sugar blowing goes back to over 600 years ago. The mastery of sugar blowing is highly dependent on the craftsmanship. The solidifying of the maltose must be right, food colourings are added to the maltose. A droplet-like maltose is taken and rolled into a ball. Sugar is kneaded with a small amount of cornstarch. Seal the maltose ball and quickly pull out a thin straw. The maltose ball is ready to have air blown into it and shaped into different figures, for instance, the Chinese Zodiac, trees and flowers. We will host a event where we invite young artists to demonstrate sugar blowing. We hope the audience will enjoy this traditional craftmanship.

吹糖技藝是一項超過 600多年歷史的傳統民間手工藝,已被列入香港非物質文化遺產。吹糖過程十分講究:先將蔗糖或麥芽糖加熱熔化,再加入不同味道的食用色素。在軟度達到要求時,揪出適量的糖坯,揉搓成圓球,再沾上澱粉,把圓球按壓出一個深坑,收緊,拉出一條細糖管。這時就可以往內裡吹氣,雙手開始給糖球塑成各種造型,如十二生肖、花草樹木等。此次表演活動,我們很高興邀請了幾位年輕糖塑藝術家為我們現場示範,讓大家一起欣賞這門傳統手藝。