Childhood in Ceramic Exhibition 童年 陶藝特展

Childhood in Ceramic Exhibition

童年 陶藝特展

8.7.2021 – 3.10.2021

Exhibiting Artist: Ah Leon (Chen Ching-Liang), Lee Chin-Sheng, Leo Tang (Tang Shou-Nan)
參展藝術家: 陳景亮、李金生、唐壽南

The fleeting days of childhood, never to return, leave behind our most cherished memories. Artspace K presents “Childhood in Ceramic” Exhibition. Three celebrated ceramic artists from Taiwan – Ah Leon (Chen Ching-Liang), Lee Chin-Sheng and Leo Tang (Tang Shou-Nan) awaken memories of innocence and joy of childhood through sculptures created from the natural warmth of clay.



Artwork Cataloge 作品目錄 click here

Exhibition Events 特展活動

4 Sept 2021

Clay Moulding and Shaping 陶土捏製與塑型

7 Aug 2021

Clay and Glazing 陶土與釉色

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