Pop-Up Book Theatre 立體書故事劇場

Date 日期: 18 Dec 2021 (Sat)
Artist 藝術家: Lau Ming-Hang 劉銘鏗
Language: Cantonese
語言: 廣東話

As a stage lighting designer and paper-cutting artist, Lau Ming-Hang’s “Pop-up Book Theatre” combines paper-cutting art, theatre and lighting to create a special form of performance. The performance brings together the “movement” of the theatre and the “stillness” of paper-cutting art, integrated by the special effects formed between light setting and paper-cutting. The artist adopts a flexible approach in storytelling to present lively and interesting stories that are suitable for all ages. The performance invites everyone to participate and interact with the artist under the light and shadow following the plot and become one of the creators of the story.