Winter Blessings: 3D Paper-Cutting Workshop 冬日立體剪紙工作坊

Date 日期: 20 Nov 2021 (Sat)
Artist 藝術家: Meko Cheng 鄭凱殷
Language: Cantonese
語言: 廣東話

Based on traditional paper-cutting techniques, artist Meko Cheng breaks the boundaries of traditional paper-cutting. Extending her creations from flat paper-cutting to three-dimensional form by making use of tension between the surfaces to construct geometric shapes. From traditional red paper to different materials, Cheng will teach us basic paper-cutting techniques, such as ying-yang, symmetrical cutting and the multiple-layer cut-folding method. Participants will be able to combine papers of different colors, as well as use simple tools to transform the 2D paper-cutting into a 3D work, creating a unique and meaningful festive decoration.