Paper‧Cut Art Exhibition 剪‧紙 特展

Tradition to Contemporary 傳統到當代

9/10/2021 – 13/2/2022

Artists: Li Yun-Xia, Lee Huan-Chang, Lau Ming-Hang, Lee Keng-Chun, Chen Yan-Ting, Wuba Yang, Meko Cheng
藝術家︰李云俠、李煥章、劉銘鏗、李庚錞、陳彥廷、 楊雅婷、鄭凱殷

A pair of scissors, a piece of paper,
Paper cutting is an ancient Chinese folk art,
Paper cutting is creating art from hollowing,
Paper cutting embodies the rich flavor of life.

This special art exhibition, “Paper•Cut”features seven well-known established and emerging artists in the paper-cutting genre. They combine traditional and modern forms of paper-cutting, showcasing its traditional beauty and fashionable charm.

In 2009, UNESCO listed paper-cutting in the “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. Today, contemporary paper-cutting is active in the international art scene. Through the works on display, Artspace K hopes that visitors will deepen their understanding and love for the art of paper-cutting.


「剪 ∙ 紙」特展,Artspace K 邀請七位知名剪紙界前輩及新銳藝術家,集合傳統與當代的剪紙藝術,綻放出剪紙傳統之美和時尚的魅力。


Installation Photos 展覽現場

Exhibition Events 特展活動

18 Dec 2021

Pop-Up Book Theatre 立體書故事劇場

20 Nov 2021

Winter Blessings: 3D Paper-Cutting Workshop 冬日立體剪紙工作坊

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