ROADMAP ─ Sculpture by Liu Yang Solo Exhibition 版圖 ─ 劉洋雕塑個展 

ROADMAP—Sculpture by Liu Yang Solo Exhibition 版圖─劉洋雕塑個展 


Exhibiting Artist: Liu Yang

Sculpture is not as explosive as other art forms.
Even so, it can be enduring, becoming part of your life.
When you are away from it, you will find that
Something is missing in your life.
—Liu Yang

Artspace K is proud to present “ROADMAP”, a solo exhibition by acclaimed contemporary sculptor Liu Yang. With his carving knife, Liu made a unique journey to create sculptures across countries and around the globe. His works are widespread over five continents, with some resulting in cultural heritage of the lands.

“When I create sculptures in one place, I find that local children play in the shadow of my works. They grow with the sculptures. One day, these children may leave their hometown. When they return, everything may look different except those three-dimensional figures. Sculptures last, they are where the heart and childhood of people lie.” Liu thinks that sculptures are the best things he can bring to a local community.

The exhibition demonstrates true declaration of love for interaction and emotional connections between people and the land which are at the heart of the artist’s playful works. We hope to touch every viewer and bring back memories of sculptures in their own motherland.


「版圖」特展,Artspace K邀請知名當代藝術家劉洋,他拿著雕塑刀,在世界各國創作雕塑,開啟了特殊的環球之旅,作品版圖遍及五大洲,部分雕塑則成為當地永久的文化遺產。



Exhibition Lectures 特展講座

16 Apr 2022

3:00 – 4:30 PM
Carve Around the World: Art Creation Journey of Liu Yang (Mandarin) 刀鋒上的行走:劉洋的藝術版圖 (普通話)Speaker 講者: Liu Yang 劉洋
Liu Yang has spent 10 years creating large scale sculptures in 34 countries around the world. Starting from splitting stones and forging irons, Liu finished his creations using various materials, with multiple people in different places. These sculptures are all permanently placed in countries and cities, accompanying the residents there. Liu had received cheers like a superstar, but also experienced death threats. Through this remarkable art journey, Liu decorated the whole world and wrote his own sculpture roadmap. Liu Yang will share his experience and thoughts through the lecture.


Free Admission

21 May
3:00 – 4:30 PM
City Landscape: Sculpture and Public Art (Cantonese) 塑造城市風景:雕塑與公共藝術 (粵語)Speaker 講者: Matthew Tsang Man-Fu 曾敏富
As a stage lighting designer and paper-cutting artist, Lau Ming-Hang’s “Pop-up Book Theatre” combines Public art takes various art forms. Sculptures, as the earliest public art appearing in human history, can be traced back to ancient Rome. Until now, sculptures are still the most dominant art form in modern society. In the lecture, Mr. Tsang will share the basic knowledge of public art with us. From understanding public sculptures’ effects on people, creation process to execution obstacles like cooperating with sites and environment, Mr. Tsang will also explain how sculptures express artists’ ideas and interact with the public.


About the Speaker

Matthew Tsang Man-Fu is a Hong Kong visual artist. He completed his BFA in 2009 and MFA in 2016, both with RMIT, Australia. His works investigate the relationship between time, change, process and materiality. He works mainly with a variety of natural materials including wood, ice and charcoal and utilises processes including burning, melting and freezing. His artworks are presented in installation, video, photographs and sculptural objects. Since 2012, he has been a part-time lecturer at Hong Kong Art School. Tsang’s works are exhibited in Hong Kong and overseas, as well as collected by private collectors. In 2018, he was awarded Austronesian International Arts Award-Grand Prize and invited to participate in Harbour Art Sculpture Park.


曾敏富,香港視覺藝術家,分別於2009年及2016年獲頒澳洲墨爾本皇家理工大學藝術學士和碩士學位,2012年開始於香港藝術學院擔任兼任導師。他從作品中探索時間、轉變、過程和物質之間的關係,主要運用不同的天然物料,例如紙、木、冰、炭,利用火燒、融化和凍結等過程來創作,並以裝置、錄像、攝影和雕塑等方式來呈現。於他的作品在多個香港和海外展覧展出及獲私人收藏。2018 年獲邀參加《藝遊維港》雕塑展,同年榮獲南島美術獎─首獎。

Free Admission

18 Jun 2022
3:00 – 4:30 PM
Art and Life: Public Art in Hong Kong (Cantonese) 生活中的啟思:走進香港公共藝術  (粵語)Speaker 講者: Ian Leung Wai-Yin 梁偉然
Hong Kong’s public art first appeared in the 19th century in the form of monuments. Nowadays, local public art has developed into multiple forms, aspects, mediums, and for various purposes. Public art is closely associated with life, filling people with inspiration. This lecture will introduce Hong Kong public art’s historical background and developing progress. By sharing compelling examples from local programmes, the lecture will discuss the effect of public art on communities and the public, as well as its prospects.


About the Speaker

Ian Leung Wai-Yin completed MA in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy in University of London in 2007. Prior to joining the Hong Kong Art Centre, Leung earned solid experience in programming, producing, touring, audience development and education in performing arts at the Hong Kong Arts Festival for five years. He has been overseeing performing art, public art as well as audience development programmes for the Hong Kong Art Centre since 2013. In 2016, he was awarded two scholarships by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council to participate in the International Leadership Program in Visual Arts Management and the Arts Activator Research Fellowship by Yale-China in 2019. Recent curatorial and production projects include “Art Actually” with Les Halles de Schaerbeek, a coupling project of contemporary artists of multi-arts residency cum performance exchange between HK and Brussels in 2017; Harbour Arts Sculpture Park 2018, a large scale public art project alongside Victoria Harbour; Via North Point Festival, a public art, architecture and community advocacy in 2021, and others.


梁偉然於2007年英國倫敦大學金匠學院修讀藝術行政暨文化政策碩士課程。他曾於香港藝術節任職五年,涉獵節目編排、製作、巡演、外展及教育工作。自2013年起於香港藝術中心負責有關公共藝術、表演藝術及觀眾拓展的項目。2016年,梁氏獲得香港藝術發展局獎學金,參與由美國紐約大學史坦哈德教育學院、西班牙德烏斯托大學及畢爾包古根漢美術館合辦的視覺藝術管理行政課程。後亦於2019年成為耶魯大學的研究學人。近期策劃及製作之計劃包括2017年與布魯塞爾的Les Halles de Schaerbeek合作當代藝術駐留及展演計劃Art Actually,2018年首個大型國際雕塑公園藝遊維港,2021年聯乘藝術及建築的路過北角生活節等。

Free Admission

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