Serenity • Hong Kong – Wong Hau Kwei Ink Art Exhibition 凝瀞 • 香港 黃孝逵水墨藝術展


“It doesn’t matter if you use avant-garde, traditional or western style; the most important thing is to convey the timely significance of the era.” – Wong Hau Kwei

The coronavirus pandemic these two years has casted a shadow of anxiety over Hong Kong. Artspace K is pleased to present “Serenity • Hong Kong”, a solo exhibition of works by prominent contemporary artist Wong Hau Kwei depicting urban and landscape images in Hong Kong. We hope our exhibition will convey a renewed sense of peace and calm.

Wong’s works blend traditional Chinese ink painting techniques and modern western aesthetics. Accentuating the contrast between black and white, opacity and luminosity in the expression of light and color, Wong establishes a distinct style that transcends ink art to a different level. By sharing his portrayals through brushstrokes and ink to reflect the atmosphere of the time, we hope that visitors can experience the unique qualities of Hong Kong.

「不論你用什麼手法,前衞、傳統或西方手法都好,我覺得最重要的是要表達到時代的風貌。」   ─黃孝逵

兩年來新冠肺炎疫情壟罩,香港瀰漫著一股不安與緊張。今年夏天Artspace K舉辦「凝瀞 • 香港」特展,邀請知名當代藝術家黃孝逵,展出香港城市景觀及自然風貌為主題的水墨作品,期盼透過他的作品能找回寧靜與祥和的感受。


Installation Photos 展場照片

Video about the Artist 藝術家影片

Past Events 過去講座

20 Aug 2022

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17 Sept 2022

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