Realism Art • Food 

寫實藝術 食 畫展

3.11.2022 – 29.1.2023

For our Autumn exhibition, Artspace K proudly presents“Realism Art • Food” exhibition, featuring paintings of 6 renowned artists Liang Chin-Chia, Ouyang Guo-Jian, Huang Kuen-Po, Li Cheng-Guei, Aries Wu Chun-Yin and Steven Tang. Revolving around our daily foods and utensils, they reflect the warmth and nostalgia unique to food through masterful techniques and nuanced observations. We hope visitors can savour the moment of their paintings, including the beauty of realism art and the taste of food.

今年秋天Artspace K舉辦「寫實藝術 • 食」畫展,邀請梁晉嘉、歐陽國健、黃坤伯、李承溈、胡浚諺、鄧梓俊六位知名藝術家展出,作品題材圍繞著我們日常的食物、器皿等事物,他們以扎實精湛傳神的寫實繪畫技巧、細膩的觀察力來表達超平凡食物所代表的溫暖與思念。我們期盼透過四十多幅畫作,大家從寫實藝術之美想像食物的滋味。

Exhibition Lectures 展覽講座

17 Dec
3:00 – 4:30 pm
Paintings that Make Your Mouth Water  (Cantonese)
Artist 藝術家: Steven Tang鄧梓俊
Date 日期: 17/12/2022 (Sat)
Time 時間: 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

Local food such as wonton noodles, Hong Kong-style French Toast and stir-fried beef noodles has accompanied our life over the years. Deriving inspiration from everyday food, Steven Tang draws Hong Kong’s classic cuisines with coloured pencils and revives our memories of food with delicate brushstrokes. This lecture will discuss how Steven’s passion for art has led him to self-teach painting and his stories of pursuing an art career with specialisation in coloured pencil.


14 Jan
3:00 – 4:30 pm
Why Realism Art? (Cantonese)
為什麼藝術要寫實 (粵語)

Artist 藝術家: Ouyang Guo-Jian歐陽國健
Date 日期: 14/1/2023 (Sat)
Time 時間: 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

Emerged in France during the mid-19th century, realism is an art style which depicts nature or the modern world in an accurate, detailed and unadorned manner. Due to the influence of the Industrial Revolution, realism emphasizes the portrayal of everyday life and advocates attentive observation instead of idealization. In this lecture, Ouyang Guo-Jian will explain the rationale behind realism art. Through his own paintings, he will discuss the application of various realism techniques that presents his imagination and thoughts on life.