Established in 2020, Artspace K at The Repulse Bay Arcade (former Repulse Bay Hotel) is a platform promoting contemporary art. Centered on “life and art”, we are dedicated to the presentation of artists and their works through specially curated exhibitions. Established and emerging artists are welcome to participate in our exhibitions, educational programmes, workshops, lectures, etc. Through our platform, we hope to raise the public’s interest in art becoming part of their lives.

2020 年成立,位於淺水灣影灣園 (前淺水灣酒店),為推廣當代藝術的平臺,以「生活與藝術」為核心理念,用策劃展覽的模式,深入介紹各地當代藝術家與推廣他們的作品。 我們歡迎各地具有高知名度的藝術家以及新銳藝術家參與展覽和我們所舉辦的教育活動,包括展出藝術家的工作坊及講座等,期盼透過這個平臺讓大眾更容易接觸到藝術,激起對藝術的興趣。

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