Yeung Yuk Kan

Born in Hong Kong, Yeung Yuk Kan studied Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Ceramics at the Goldsmiths’ College in London. She later moved to the Netherlands and has since continued her ceramics practice overseas. At the CUHK, she focused on printmaking and Chinese calligraphy, the two disciplines that have exerted a huge influence on her development as a ceramic artist. 

Having grown up in Hong Kong, Yeung is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, while the contact with the West provides her with other sources of stimulation. The paper-thin porcelain sculptures are inspired by Chinese calligraphy and rice paper (xuan zhi). The sheet of porcelain is folded with a nimble touch, as decisive and as natural as possible to capture the delicate and graceful character of the material. The painting or drawing applied on the sculptural form is both intuitive and sensitive, serving as well as a search for balance between the many contrasting elements: light and dark, motion and stillness, void and solid. 

Yeung is also keen to experiment with other possibilities of the material. The series ‘Beyond White Clouds’ is her recent exploration in the sculptural and expressive character of porcelain. She began in a playful and carefree manner when she came across a solid block of porcelain clay, she picked up a small hammer and a scraper to chisel the form away, discovering the most surprising textures and shapes in the process. The white block has then been transformed into both a physical landscape and an intimate inner space; and the carving lines poetically echo the drawing lines. 

9.2.2023 – 21.5.2023

Parallel Journeys in Space and Time

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