Cassian Lau

Born in Hong Kong in 1968, Cassian Lau moved to Canada with his family when he was five years old and settled in Toronto. Because he loved art, he eventually chose a double major of business administration and art. In the mid-1990s, shortly after graduating from university, he moved back to Hong Kong. In 1995, he started his own business and joined his friends in starting a fashion retail business. It was a time of growth for Hong Kong’s economy and with the booming retail market, his business grew rapidly. At that time, he thought deeply about his raison d’être. Since he loves Hong Kong and wanted to realise his artistic vision, he decided to devote himself full-time to his art, focusing on creating to propel his art career forward.

His works present a pop art style, with cartoon characters or animals making regular appearances and bright, vivid colours that are contagiously joyful and positive. He himself is personal and enjoys a good chat, with an open mind and curious eyes which lend him his creativity. He hopes that people can discover something new every time they look at his work, as this is what makes art memorable and everlasting.

Born in Hong Kong
Immigrated to Toronto, Canada
Graduated from Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons), Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) , York University, Toronto, Canada.
Settled in Hong Kong
Established chain of fashion boutiques “Sistyr Moon”, Hong Kong
“Electric Claustrophobia”, MADHOUSE Contemporary, Hong Kong
Established fashion label “iiJin”, Hong Kong
Designer of fashion label “iiJin”, Hong Kong
“Anybody Left Under the Lion Rock” , OC Gallery, Hong Kong
“HK ARTcomics”, Artist Commune, Hong Kong
“The Repository of Coherent Babbles”, Gallery EXIT @SOUTHSITE, Hong Kong
Regular comic strip contributor to Apple Daily Newspaper, Hong Kong
“Fabrik Expo” , Los Angeles , U.S.A.

REMEMBER THEM? Old Businesses in Hong Kong through Eyes of Artists

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11 March – 27 June 2021

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