Chen Yan-Ting

Chen Yan-Ting was born in Keelung City, Taiwan in 1985.

In 2007, he chose to create paper-cutting art as his undergraduate work. He then approached the Taiwan national paper-cutting master, Li Huan-Chan, who he learned paper-cutting from.

Li Huan-Chan once said that traditional paper-cutting art seems incompatible with modern culture; people today do not understand traditional paper-cutting. This inspired Chen to integrate both traditional and contemporary into his works, and paper-cutting became a part of his life. He said that paper-cutting is a meticulous process from planning to cutting. Concentration is essential as the whole piece of paper will be destroyed with a single mistake. 

Chen Yan-Ting’s “Knife Cutting” and “Letter Cutting” films won the German iF Concept Award, the British D&AD Student Award, the NYC ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival and the Annecy Festival in France. Themes that emerged from judges’ comments include how the combination of Chinese and Western elements, plus the oriental effect of Western elements presents a new visual experience. With a number of international awards boosting Chen’s confidence, he aspires to promote and preserve this folk art in addition to actual art creation.


Born in Keelung, Taiwan


Learned paper-cutting from national award-winning master Lee Huan-Chan

Winner of Taiwan National Animation Contest with her paper-cut
animation work


Won several international awards including iF, Red Dot, Warsaw, Adobe, D&AD, etc


The 3rd Biennial of Poster Bolivia, Museum San Francisco Cultural Center, Bolivia


International Biennale of Social-Political Poster, Poland


Solo Paper-cut and Design Exhibition, Mayor’s Art Mansion, Taipei, Taiwan


Papercut work integrated with calligraphy won the Hong Kong DFA Asia’s Most Influential Award


Fo Guang Shan Solo Paper-cut Exhibition (Dazaifu), Fukuoka, Japan 


LOUIS VUITTON New Year Paper-cut Design


The Balvenie 100 Paper-cut Creations and Endorsement


GUCCI New Year Paper-cut Design

Kafnu Hong Kong Kerry Hotel Paper-cut Space Design (Chinese Elephant Design Cooperation Project)

BULGARI Annual Jewelry Exhibition Paper-cut Design


Timberland New Year’s Paper-cut Design and Endorsement


GUCCI New Year Paper-cut Design


LOEWE Mother’s Day Paper-cut Design

TOD’s Mid-Autumn Festival Paper-cut Design

Original Festival Paper-cutting Public Art Design, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan


Paper-cut Environmental Design, The Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, Chiayi, Taiwan

Co-designed Paper-cut work for Traditionow, Shanghai, China


BMW New Year Paper-cut Design

Won several international awards with 3D paper-cut works, including the Golden Bee, Commarts, and American IDA Award

9.10.2021 – 13.2.2022

Paper‧Cut Art Exhibition