Lee Chin-Sheng

Born in Yunlin, Taiwan in 1962, Lee Chin-Sheng’s artworks mainly focus on characterization. Depicting childhood, rural life and social environment from the 1940s to 1960s, he adopts simple and vivid characters to present children’s characteristics and to express his interpretation of beauty. 

There is a very deep connection between clay and human beings. Clay somehow marks the trajectory of human development and the birth of civilization. Therefore, Lee applies this ancient and time-honored material to illustrate his memories of life. He tries hard to break from tradition, while creating new themes and forms. Instead of deliberately following the rules, he pursues the inner spiritual expressions by materials. His form of interpretation seems to walk on the edge between styles of traditional and pop, yet with a distinctive smell of the times. His artworks are collected by New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, National Center for Traditional Arts and the HCG Culture and Education Foundation. 

In 2014, Lee suffered from myocardial infarction. Although he survived, the accident led to severe amnesia and dementia. This exhibition features the childhood collection he created before the illness. 


Born in Yunlin, Taiwan

Graduated from the Department of Crafts & Design, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan

Graduated with the Master of Crafts, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan


Established Starytower Pottery Studio, Yingge, Taiwan


Gold Prize in the 4th Golden Ceramic Award by the HCG Culture and Education Foundation, Taiwan

Second Prize in the 5th Ethnic Crafts Award by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan


Merit Award in the 51st National Arts Exhibition, Taiwan


Third Prize in the 1st Traditional Crafts Award by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan


Honorable Mention in the 2nd Traditional Crafts Award by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan


Solo Exhibition, Cultural Affairs Department of New Taipei City Government, Banqiao, Taiwan

Solo Exhibition, Taichung City Huludun Cultural Centre, Taichung, Taiwan


National Museum of Oriental Art, Rome, Italy

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, USA

Centre Culturel de Taiwan à Paris, France


Judges’ Award in the 2nd Korea International Biennial, Korea


Solo Exhibition, Taipei Main Station Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Judges’ Award in the 1st Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Taiwan

Third Prize in the 4th National Crafts Award by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan


Solo Exhibition, Taichung Public Library, Taichung, Taiwan

Honorable Mention in the 5th National Crafts Award by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan


The 2nd Da Dun Arts and Crafts Master, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government, Taiwan


Bronze Award in the Taiwan Gold Teapot Prize, Taiwan


Honorable Mention in Taiwan Craft Competition, Taiwan


“Fire & Flower” Solo Exhibition of Lee Chin-Sheng, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan

Solo Exhibition, Contemporary Ceramics Gallery, Miaoli, Taiwan


Second Prize in Taiwan Craft Competition, Taiwan

“Centenary Glamour” The Joint Ceramics Exhibition of Lee Chin-Sheng and Hsu Ming Shiang”, National Defense University, Taoyuan, Taiwan


“A Poetic Lion” Lee Chin-Sheng Ceramics Exhibition, Taichung City Dadun Cultural Centre, Taichung, Taiwan

Childhood in Ceramic Exhibition

Exhibition and Event Series
8.7.2021 – 3.10.2021

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