Lee Keng-Chun

Born in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan in 1980, Lee Keng-Chun has been interested in hand-crafted arts since he was a child. Originally concentrating on product design, Mr. Li Huan-Chan taught him the art of paper-cutting in school. Teacher Li lamented the difficulty of promoting traditional paper-cutting and added new, creative elements to the traditional techniques, inducing Lee to a new method of promoting the art. Before the rise of internet, paper-cutting was integral to daily life. It not only conveys personal emotions, but also preserves patterns. There was a “Flower Paper” industry that specialized in selling paper-cut patterns; women would buy the cut-outs and embroider them on their clothes. 

With a wealth of experience in teaching paper-cutting, Lee has participated in numerous exhibitions in Taiwan. Upon entering the state of paper-cutting, he believes that the body, mind, and spirit must be very calm. Using just his fingers and a pair of scissors, pieces of paper strips are created from twists and turns. He applies Western ideologies to analyze the beauty of Eastern culture, focusing his research on paper-cutting. He hopes to pass on his enthusiasm for paper-cutting and allow even more people to recognize the art of paper-cutting.


Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 


“Spring Blossoms” Paper-Cut Exhibition

“Original Paper-cut Flower Exhibition”, Academia Sinica Digital Collection Project, Nanhai  Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

“Paper-cutting III – Beauty of Skills”, The 3rd Taiwan Designer’s Week, Taipei, Taiwan


Curator of “Paper-Cutting IV- Happiness” Joint Exhibition, The 4th Taiwan Designers’ Week, Taipei, Taiwan

“The Past is the Future”, The 4th Taiwan Designers’ Week, Taipei, Taiwan

“Digital Beauty”, Taipei International Flora Expo, Taipei, Taiwan

“Bunnies Play in Spring”, Eslite Parklane, Taichung, Taiwan

“Paper-cut in the New Year of the Rabbit”, Pingtung Art Museum, Pingtung, Taiwan


Curator of the “The Soul of Paper Cuts” Joint Exhibition , The 5th Taiwan Designers’ Week,
Taipei, Taiwan

“Light Eco Free” Exhibition, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute,
Taipei, Taiwan


Curator of “The Shadow of Paper Cuts” Joint Exhibition, The 6th Taiwan Designers’
Week, Taipei, Taiwan

“Cross Over”, The 6th Taiwan Designers’ Week, Taipei, Taiwan

Designers’ Week Conference “FLOW Invitation Exhibition”, The 6th Taiwan Designer’s Week, Taipei, Taiwan


“New Year Paper-Cut Exhibition: Cutting a Story”, Grass Mountain Chateau, Taipei, Taiwan


“The Memories of Dear Lu Zhi” Paper-Cut Creation Exhibition, National Tainan Living Art Center, Tainan, Taiwan


Curator of “Paper-cut Creation: Huaguoshan” Joint Exhibition, CenterTsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center, Tainan, Taiwan


“We are Together Paper-cut Exhibition”, Prince Edward Island, Canada


“Formosa” Exhibition, National Tainan Living Art Center, Tainan, Taiwan

“Twelve Flora” Paper-cut Solo Exhibition, Fo Guang Shan Fuxian Temple Art Exhibition Room, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

“Taiwan-Japan Paper-Cutting Exchange Exhibition”, Siao-Long Children’s Museum of Art, Tainan, Taiwan

9.10.2021 – 13.2.2022

Paper‧Cut Art Exhibition