Li Yun-Xia

Li Yun-Xia was born in Luochuan County, Shaanxi Province in 1969.

At age six, she began learning paper-cutting with her grandmother and mother. She is known as a very gifted  girl in her hometown. Li’s works have achieved numerous awards and collected by many Heads of States and museums. Her creative themes are rich and diverse; her techniques bold and innovative, combining both Eastern and Western elements. She uses paper-cutting to express her feelings, experiences and emotions. Li once said being passionate about paper-cutting has enriched her life. She believes that art is the purpose of life, not just the technique of paper-cutting, but the story behind the work.

Upon moving to Hong Kong in 2002, Li actively promoted the development and legacy of paper-cutting in a new environment through exhibitions and workshops. Her contribution to the art of paper-cutting has been recorded in books such as “Chinese Contemporary Paper-Cutters”, “Famous Contemporary Chinese Artists”, and “World’s Famous Artists”.


Born in Guanbei Village, Qinguan Town, Luochuan County, Shaanxi Province, China


Learned paper-cutting under the guidance of grandmother and mother


Worked at Henan University
Participated in the Fine Arts Department Exhibition of Henan University and won the First Prize


Selected for an exhibition at the University of Connecticut, USA


Solo paper-cut exhibition at Henan University, China


Worked at Xian University of Political Science and Law
 Initiated into the Chinese Tai Chi Paper-Cutting Society


“Married Mice” and “Go to Market” won the Excellence Award in the 4th Shenzhen Art Festival


Won a Gold Medal and Third Prize in the Hainan “International Phoenix Cup” Logo Design Competition


Participated in the first ” Chinese Skilled Women Competition” and won a Merit Award


Participated in the “Famous Works Exhibition of the Arts Circles in China” series and won the Merit Award. The works were included in the “Chinese Contemporary Papercut Artists”, “Famous People in Chinese Folk Culture”, “Chinese Famous Contemporary Artists”, “Famous People in Chinese Contemporary Art Scene”, “Artists in the World” and other books


Moved to Hong Kong

Worked as a paper-cutting teacher at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong History Museum, and many local schools


Nominated as a council member of Chinese Arts Papercutting Association


Became a member of the American East-West Paper-Cutting Artists’ Association, New York


“The Paper Cutting Art of Yang Miaoqin and Li Yunxia “, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Artwork “Life” won the Gold Medal at the 2nd International Paper-Cutting Art Festival, and “Cave Dwelling” was collected by the 2nd International Paper-Cutting Art Festival


Solo paper-cut exhibition at the Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Participated in the paper-cut exhibition at Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

“Spring Paper-Cutting Reward” Exhibition, HKU Libraries, Hong Kong


“The Art of Paper-cutting by Li Yunxia”, Singing Waves Gallery, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


“Cutting into Miracles” Paper-cut Exhibition by Li Yun-Xia, Foyer in Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


“Chinese – Western Traditional Paper-cutting Art Exhibition”, joint exhibition by Li Yun-Xia and Polish Paper-cutting artist Grace Bazylewski, Hong Kong Pioneer Centre, Hong Kong


Invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council for a collaboration with Hong Kong fashion designer Dora Chu to integrate paper-cutting into fashion and presented in London Fashion Week


Invited by Aesop to design New Year paper-cutting in-store decorations


“Looking back at the century of Paper-cutting Art” Exhibition, Shenzhen Museum of History and Folk Culture, Shenzhen, China

9.10.2021 – 13.2.2022

Paper‧Cut Art Exhibition