Liu Yang

Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province in China in 1972. Liu Yang graduated from the School of Food and Science in Northeast Agricultural University in 1995 and worked as trainee in a sculpture studio. Starting from 1997, he had served as editor, reporter, and deputy director in the chief editor’s office in Heilongjiang Morning Post. Since 2002, Liu had taken the positions of director, coordinator and production designer of TV programs at China Central Television (CCTV). He continued to host TV and radio shows, acted as a commentator and won many awards in fashion and design competitions.

To become a sculptor has always been Liu’s dream. From 1999, his sculptures have received numerous awards and exhibited on both national and international platforms. He began his journey of art in sculpture in 2010, earning his first sculpture symposium experience. Blessed with his diverse photography experience, Liu yearned for independent sculpture creation. He travelled across countries to pursue his dream of being an artist and curator of international sculpture exhibitions.

In 2012, Liu established the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA). In the position of the general secretary, he participated in seminars and lectures worldwide to propel sculpture creation. Until now, his works are spread over 5 continents and 34 countries with 76 large scale public sculptures. One of his famous works “Power from Self” was gifted to the county government of San Diego in Chile, and meanwhile received the Certificate of Honor of the Cities of Montenegro, alongside with Dejan Savicevic, an Associazione Calcio Milan player. His works are installed in remarkable landmarks, such as Beijing Olympic Winter Park, MUSE in Trento, Italy, Zermatt in the Swiss Alps, Pamukkale in Turkey, riverside of the Nile River in Egypt and the Southern Branch of National Palace in Taiwan as well as other notable locations.

Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China

Graduated from Northeast Agricultural University, China

Worked as an editor and a reporter in Heilongjiang Morning Post

“Snowy Silk Road” selected in the 10th Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition, China

“A Starting Point for the New High”, Beijing Olympic Sculpture Exhibition, China

Served as the director of talk show “Word Hard” at CCTV, China (2002-2006)

“No, no, no, no… but…” awarded the Second Price in the 2nd Huian Stone Sculpture Symposium, China

“Line of Defense” selected in the 6th National Sports Art Exhibition, China

”My Long March” received Golden Rhinoceros Award for China Outdoor Life, China

“Oriental Deer God” selected in the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Exhibition, China

“I lived in the 601”, the 4th Huian Stone Sculpture Symposium, China

Awarded the Second Prize in the International University Torch Design Competition in Winter Games, China 

“Taken from the people, used on the people”, the Gangrao International Stone Sculpture Symposium, China

”My Long March”, Binzhou Public Sculpture Exhibition, China
“Run Fast”, the 7th National Sports Art Exhibition, China
“The Visible Delicious” awarded the Third Prize in the 5th Stone Sculpture Symposium, China

“The Cup”, the 1st Tongling International Sculpture Symposium, China
“We are Together”, Boryeong International Black Stone Sculpture Symposium, Korea

“Let Us Go”, the NCPA International Sculpture Exhibition, China
“Three to One” selected in 4th International Penza Sculpture Symposium, Russia
“The Spirit of Old Tibet” awarded the First Prize in China Radio and Television Association Documentary, China 

Founded and served as the general secretary of International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA), China
“See a Woman Inside”, the 1st Hetauda Sculpture Symposium, Nepal
“Dancing Together”, the 10th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition, Japan
“White and Blue”, the 6th Roldan International Sculpture Symposium, Argentina

”Let Us Go”, the Miyazaki International Sculpture Exhibition, Japan
“Kemijarvi”, the 19th Kemijarvi Woodsculpting Symposium, Finland

“Go Facing the Sun”, the 23rd Tultepec International Sculpture Symposium, Mexico
Published best-selling sculpture and travel book “Walking on the Knife”  

Worked as co-curator for the Ink Sculpture Symposium, China
“Run, brothers!”, the 1st Zhishang Sculpture Symposium, China
“Two Butterflies”, the 6th International Sculpture Symposium PENZA, Russia
“Sea and Man”, the 20th Kemijarvi Woodsculpting Symposium, Finland

“10 ” & “Chinese Knot”, Santiago Sculpture Symposium, Chile
“The Flower of Window ”, Chiayi Sculpture Symposium, Taiwan
“The Sculptors”, the 3rd Adelaide Sculpture Symposium, Australia

“the Nile River”, the 22nd Aswan Sculpture symposium, Egypt

“Say Hello”, the 1st Chuvashia International Sculpture Symposium, Chuvash Republic, Russia

“Mountain God”, the 8th International Art Symposium Berane, Montenegro

“Snow baby” selected for the Public Sculpture Permanent Exhibition for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China

Sculpture by Liu Yang
Solo Exhibition