Wuba Yang

Wuba Yang was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1987. She discovered an interest in paper-cutting at the age of six and studied design in university. She then enjoyed the coexistence of her interest in the arts and work during an internship in Osaka. She started engaging in industrial design upon graduation. However, she never forgot her love for paper-cutting, thus applying this interest to her work.

Wuba Yang has now been engaged in paper-cutting for ten years. Her specialty is in cutting plant patterns, merely for happiness and sharing. Yang’s works are featured in many exhibitions. She has been inspired by Taiwanese ferns since 2017, using paper to reproduce a variety of Taiwan’s common and unique ferns. With the color and texture of paper, Yang’s original paper fern comes to life. Her evergreen fern has three-dimensional expressions, vivid gestures and meticulous details, showing the fern’s veins. She has escaped from the boundaries of traditional paper-cutting and gave the art of paper-cutting a new look. She expects that even more people can understand the beauty of ferns through paper-cutting.


Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 


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Paper-Cut Guest Room Design, Meander Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

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New Year Paper-cut Main Visual, Tea Day, Taipei, Taiwan


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Chinese New Year Paper-cutting 3-Day Workshop, Kaohsiung Museum of Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Spring Festival Paper-cutting Workshop, Old Zhennan Cultural Center, Tainan, Taiwan

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“SUHO X Open House Taipei Paper-cutting Exhibition”, Suho Memorial Paper Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

9.10.2021 – 13.2.2022

Paper‧Cut Art Exhibition