Artspace K Founder and Chairman Ms. K.C. Chen was born and raised in Hong Kong. In 1966, after graduating from the Diocesan Girls’ School in Hong Kong, she went to the U.K. to obtain her Barrister-at-law qualification. As a professional lawyer, she worked in New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Taiwan. In 2002, she retired from her legal profession to devote herself to the promotion of culture and the arts. She has sponsored the revitalization of three historical sites in Taipei, namely the Museum – Taipei Story House, Futai Street Foreign House and museum207.

For more than half a century, Ms. Chen’s visits to Hong Kong, in between her work travels, have always been brief. It was in the recent years that she found herself returning more often to her childhood home. She decided to join the art promotions work in Hong Kong. Ms. Chen brings with her a wealth of experience from operating three historic museums in Taipei, curating 57 exhibitions and working with various artists and media contacts across the globe to establish Artspace K in Hong Kong.