Parallel Journeys in Space and Time

Li Wei Han Rosanna & Yeung Yuk Kan Joint Exhibition


李慧嫻∣楊玉勤 雙人展

9.2.2023 – 21.5.2023

In the “Parallel Journeys in Space and Time” exhibition, Artspace K invited renowned artists Li Wei Han Rosanna and Yeung Yuk Kan to present their works. Living in two cities, with different time zones and lifestyles, they both focus on doing one thing, that is ceramic. Ceramic has become the common interest that bridged the two of them. On the path of ceramic creation, they demonstrated their distinctive characters and they both admired and cherished each other.

Li applies grogged clay to depict people going about their daily lives, for instance, a beach scene. The inspiration comes from the epidemic restrictions when there were very few people on the beach. Among them, the lone walkers attracted her attention. The ceramic figurines of plump women and men are all endowed with a nimble grace and carefree spirit. Their faces are filled with vivid expressions to exude the charm of a relaxed state of mind. While Yeung uses thin and translucent white porcelain and paints on the flowing and plain bisque. The transparent and thin layer of color and sparse lines create a sense of void and fullness, of seemingly far and yet close in contrast to the blankness on the white porcelain. Her works are in western forms, blended naturally with eastern ink techniques. The tranquility, serenity and vastness are the unique characteristics embedded in her works.

Works from the two ceramic artists carry their own strengths in terms of appearance and subject matter. While they are in different spaces and times, they connect the two worlds with their own creative imaginations. Li’s work “At a Twist of Fate – His Kite Has Gone Astray” and Yeung’s “Wishing Cloud” formed the theme of the exhibition and began a dialogue between time and space. The simple clay figurines versus the abstract space, between the sky and the land, leaving a message that although they are in different spaces making their own creations, they can always build a connection.

「平行時空 • 共遊天地」展覽,Artspace K邀請知名陶藝家李慧嫻及楊玉勤展出。住在不同城市、不同時區、過著不同生活,卻專注在做同一件事情,就是做陶。陶成為她們倆共同樂趣,在陶藝創作路上各展所長,也彼此欣賞相惜。



Exhibition Lectures 展覽講座

15 Apr
3:00 – 4:30 pm
She Puts on Weight – Public Art of Li Wei Han Rosanna (Cantonese)
幸福肥 ─ 李慧嫻的公共藝術 (粵語)

Artist藝術家: Li Wei Han Rosanna 李慧嫻
Date日期:15/4/2023 (Sat)
Time時間:3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

The “ chubby” giant clay figures are familiar public art artworks to the Hong Kong public. It is not difficult to find the Li’s sculptures on the street. Some of her public artworks are displayed at MTR Station , street and at the airport boarding gate. These public artworks showcased in the city enrich the community. In this lecture, Li Wei Han will share her experience of public art creation, how to use her ceramic figures to match the space, respond to the city and interact with pedestrians for bringing cheerfulness and vitality to the public.

11 Feb
3:00 – 4:30 pm
Parallel Journeys in Space and Time (Cantonese)
平行時空 • 共遊天地(粵語)

Artists藝術家 : Li Wei Han Rosanna & Yeung Yuk Kan李慧嫻∣楊玉勤
Date 日期:11/2/2023 (Sat)
Time時間:3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

Two good ceramist-friends by chance take part in a joint exhibition at Artspace K in Hong Kong. During the exhibition preparation period, Li and Yeung talked about the theme of the exhibition. As their works are totally different in both creative manner and expression, they tried to look for a connection between their works — and that is the sense of space. Rosanna’s space is a realistic space, the space of daily life, while Yeung is about an inner space of the mind, a meditative space. That is their starting point, earth and sky, space, and time.
Through this exhibition, both of their paths cross in a delightful, thought-provoking and connected way. In this lecture, both artists will share their creation and how to connect the conversation between their artworks.